Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, possesses a broad knowledge of contemporary art and an immense network of personal relationships with a wide spectrum of artists. The art we represent, both in L.A. and around the country, varies from hip and cutting edge to timeless and classic.



GDCA is also bringing this exciting world of contemporary art to the art of home staging.



Art makes a statement! It communicates a way of life, adding beauty, personality, and joie de vivre. Furniture is only part of the picture, but the right art creates a mood - a feeling. And feelings are what sell properties.



From conception to completion, we work closely with the builder, agent, and/ or staging company to identify their vision for the property. We study the style and design of each structure and find just the right pieces to show off the property to its fullest advantage…creating the perfect ambience to fulfill and enhance our clients’ vision.



Whether selling or staging, we specialize in finding the perfect piece of art for the person or the space.

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